Great Minds

Great Minds

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I am not well-versed in the arts of philosophy or spirituality, but I will quote what I know. Most of this is a product of spilling my mind on paper—electronic paper—with what has been overwhelming my mind. Ruminations. Reflections. Ideas. Opinions. Observations. Clarifications. Evaluations. Criticisms.

Why were the great thinkers of the past writers, scholars, or storytellers? Why were America’s Founding Fathers able to lay the foundation of an entire country? Why were the great religious of the world able to surge throughout the continents? Why was Descartes able to destroy his “house” of cultural paradigms to rebuild it with a new foundation of truth?

Why? Because they were thinkers.

I began to think. I put aside T.V., movies, friends, and cultural preoccupations to discover an entire realm of my mind—of untold ruminations. Instead of bogging down my mind with mindless talk and entertainment, I began to live by Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote. I distant myself from people recalling their day’s encounters, activities,and happenings, and surrounded myself with thinkers. Friends that encouraged thinking; professors that encouraged thinking; and even parents who fostered thinking.

Thoughts on philosophy, faith, religion, spirituality, and science gave me more answers to our reality in the world than watching any reality TV. These thoughts gave more answers to the purpose of our being than any worldly life goal. We are brought up in a society where thinking is no longer encouraged. The minds of people are not spilling with great ideas like the past thinkers. Instead, minds rot by the entertainment, media, and company we keep. Even when we read a book –how many times have we tried thinking of its relevance to our life? A character has a difficult challenge in life, do we put ourselves in their shoes? Or do we just let the character tell us what happened…and finish the story?

But if we are listening to people talk about ideas, we ARE thinking. Our mind entertains the idea, builds on it, questions it, and redefines it. Most importantly we learn to reflect on the idea and not let ideas sit in our mind, where it becomes old, moldy and soon forgotten. A lack of reflection in life leads to stagnation in life, lack of motivation, and lost incentives.

I use this blog to spill my thoughts founded on the basis of spirituality and faith. I believe that wonder enlightens faith, faith gives birth to science, and science (potentially) eliminates wonder. While faith is enlightened by wonder, it is founded on the basis of reason and logic, hence its gives birth to science. Science only kills wonder if we stop our pondering mind from further searching truth and wisdom. Thus, my writings may be simple; they may be extraordinary; they may be controversial; they may be culturally influenced; or they may be religiously enlightened. But a ruminant mind reawakens wonder and enlightens faith. It uses science to seek answers that reinvent wonder not eliminate it.  It allows us to think beyond the societal norms.

As you dig deep into the chambers of your mind you will discover more to the mind than meets the conscience. You will discover untold secrets, like the unseen gravity of the earth, undiscovered creatures of this world, and untraveled planets of the universe.

The modern thinker should be ruminating, writing, and spreading ideas to foster thinking.

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