Smile :)

flower basket2

Smile it’s contagious

Smile as the morning light
Smile as the blowing palm trees
Smile as the constellations
Smile as the beauty of nature

Smile as the best of friends
Smile as the birth of life
Smile as the heart of a mother
Smile as the heavens are yours

Smile it’s contagious

Smile at an approaching friend
Smile with the playing children
Smile at the warmth of the sun
Smile for the gift of time

Smile as if fantasy is reality
Smile as if riding the winds
Smile as a free caged bird
Smile as if you can see God

Smile it’s contagious

Smile with tears of passion
Smile with tears of happiness
Smile with tears of life
Smile with tears of joy

Smiles with eyes of wonder
Smile with words of thanks
Smile with breath of tranquilly
Smile with spirits of faith

Smile it’s contagious

Smile because there is no sadness
Smile because there is no frown
Smile because it is the best of qualities
Smile because people will smile with you

Smile it’s contagious

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