The Hour

Open Close
Open Close
The light blinding
The heat consuming
The sweat steaming
The tears rolling,
BooM BooM
It hit – where am I?
The thousand wings 1
Miss me by an inch
Fifty thousand years of wait,2
BooM BooM
It hit –where is my shade?
Not pulled not dragged just walk
No camel no horse barefoot 3
A dream a nightmare reality,
BooM BooM
It hit –is this life?
The cries wailing begging
Hysteria chaos order
A distant memory of life a world,
BooM BooM
It hit – I know! 
Follow the lawful
Stop the forbidden
The Sun from west to east, 4
BooM BooM
It hit- It is The Hour.

The poetry is an allusion to the Day of Judgement, also known as The Hour (of Account). The hot sun will be millions of times closer to the earth.
1: The wings of Angels on the Day that shade some people (the righteous) from the sun and not others.
2: The perceived length of the Day
3: The righteous would have animals to ride on, while other will be dragged by body parts, yet some will walk the distance of thousands of years
4: One of the final signs of the day is the rising of the sun from its reverse, West instead of East

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