Strolling the Heavens

white house -copyrighted

I trace the bark of every tree,
And feel the life in every leaf.
I eat foods of abundant flavor,
And taste fruits of wondrous savor.
My sight is sharper than a hawk,
I see the distance of time’s walk.
I hear every step of nature,
Listen to every beat of creatures.

I swim the depths of deep blue waters,
Past the horizon, past all borders,
A serene world of tranquil order,
The intricacies of majestic immortals.
I have no breath in need to hold,
No sky the limit to behold,
There is splendor and glory untold,
Mysteries to discover and unfold. 

I pace the elegant neighborhoods,
A smile on every face of good,
The laughter is a melody of music,
And faces the bright stars of muses.
The skin is radiance of the moon,
The eyes piercing to the immune,
No age but youth of consuming passion,
Love, affection, everlasting attraction.

Mansions greater than the mountains,
Rivers flowing beneath royal gardens,
Fountains of wine, springs of milk,
Golden embroidered garments of silk.
Vessels of silver, cups of crystal,
Sparkling light and auras so blissful,
Rich carpets, thrones raised high,
Winged horses, pixies, phoenix fly.
A fulfillment of all inner desires,
Abundance more for my heart to admire,
I stroll the infinite boundless heavens,
Revive my spirits with all God-given.
Grace and purity in every stride,
And every step along His side,
I accompany the best of existence,
With no veil or hidden distance.
His embrace is like collapsing worlds,
Essence wrapped in white pearls,
We talk for hours, walk the orchards,
Speak of cosmos and His order.
We recall a vague dream known as life,
Remember no sorrow nor strife,
No burden, fear, or doom,
Finally reality, finally home.


~Inspired by Quranic Verses on Paradise

Description of Paradise:
Meeting with Allah:

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