I see No One

al faysal mosque

While on my trip to Jordan and a few other Middle Eastern countries I discovered something which I express in this poem. Before reading please note that the values and perceptions of Arabs are as of being the most hospitable, kind, and generous people. They meet others like long lost friends. Therefore, the poem by no means represents all Arabs but it does generalize.  However, as you read you will realize Arabs are no different from the rest of the world. And so the poem applies to all regions and religions of the world (including the secular West).

I See No One

In a country full of Muslims
I see no Muslims

I see mosques at every corner
No one running to catch prayer

I see hijabs on many heads
No one knows why it’s there

I see values of modesty, family, faith
No one spiritual to feel devotion

I see smiles, sympathy, kindness
No one quiet, humble, sincere

I hear chatter, gossip, laughter
No one deep, thoughtful, knowing

I see cafes, computers, technology
No on intelligent, creative, inspiring

I sense sadness in every being
No one searching for the light

In a country full of Muslims
I see no Muslims.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said "There will come a time when holding on to your faith will be like holding on to hot coal." {Tirmidhi}

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