The heart still beating,
The breath still warm,
The eyes sealed meeting
A reality art form.

It left the figure
from the corruption it bore,
Scarred and disfigured,
In the world it adored.

Yet unaware in the quiet,
It escapes the front door,
before the depraved heart seizes,
Above the creations it soars.

From the depths of the oceans
to the tips of the mountains,
From the meadows and the fields
to the forest and the jungles,

It consults with the clouds
trailing slaves of the winds.1
It voyages on the ships
Sailing perfectly disciplined.

It whispers to the scattered beasts,
The naked and the concealed.
It gazes through the rain
As the barren once again feel.

It witnesses with the ledge,
Contemplates with the trees,
Discovers with the creatures,
And wanders with the breeze.

But wait, it’s free,
Beyond the confines it knows.
Like the orbiting stars,
It tears from the norms.

It flees time and space,
And the altering day and night.
It finds something superior,
Beyond darkness there is light.

It unites with others alike,
Soulmates beloved kin and friends,
Chatter and laughter with amends,
It wishes to purge, atone, and cleanse.

Yet…swiftly and tightly forced,
From the beauty it is divorced.
Traveling at the speed of light
It makes the abrupt flight.

The brief moment of freedom,
To end where it begun.
Where it lingered so long,
It’s attachment only to prolong.

Before dragging, screeching,
Jerking back inside,
The journey to the worshipped world,
Returns with the blink of an eye.

The heart still beating,
The breath still warm,
The eyes open meeting, 
A caged dream uninformed.

~ Soul Diaries


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