WANDER The heart still beating, The breath still warm, The eyes sealed meeting A reality art form. It left the figure from the corruption it bore, Scarred and disfigured, In the world it adored. Yet unaware in the quiet, It escapes the front door, before the depraved heart seizes, Above the creations it soars. From […]

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The Self-Actualized

I know that most of us have thought of what we would say to Brandon Stanton with his camera angled perfectly to take a shot of us for Humans of New York (HONY). I know what I would say: “Many people say it is hard to reach Self-actualization. My high-school teacher said he only knew 2 […]

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Pure Soul

  Who is my truthful friend? Who annihilates the created will, To the total submission of the Divine, Distinguished in ascending order, Enumerating feeling in the heart, Virtuous conduct and unadulterated purity, Sincere, just, believer, prophetic, Beyond conformity, he has certainty. ~Sufi Thinker

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Read in the name of your Lord[1] For Wit and Wisdom is man’s reward. Touch the horizon of complex science Battle the chains of mind’s defiance. Fly the distance, travel the lands Sail farther than the ocean expands. Search for treasures of infinite knowledge Experience a thinker’s place of solace Read under the ascending sky, Witness angels descend with a reply.[2] Read in the […]

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  TRANSIENT If I were to ruminate on the passing of time, I would cripple with depression. If I were to contemplate the dying of beauty, I would mourn with misery. If I were to ponder the days departed, I would be consumed with nostalgia. If I were to remember the transient kin, I would writhe with grief. If […]

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The Man

There that man we saw each day, Not one in town knew his name, With a big smile he’d pass and say, G’ mornin, peace, can I help?, good day. He played with the children on the streets, And became the companion of lonely souls. He lightened a peasants burden load, And served as the eyes of elder […]

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Faith’s Hidden Truth

   “Wonder enlightens Faith, Faith gives birth to Science, Science eliminates Wonder.” A philosophical and spiritual mind reawakens wonder. As a child I looked up at the night sky and witnessed thousands of brilliant specs of light, called stars. I lay there for hours admiring and tracing them with my little finger. I was stunned by the dazzling beauty and […]

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I see No One

While on my trip to Jordan and a few other Middle Eastern countries I discovered something which I express in this poem. Before reading please note that the values and perceptions of Arabs are as of being the most hospitable, kind, and generous people. They meet others like long lost friends. Therefore, the poem by no means […]

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Knowledge I Am

Do not doubt my boundless nature. I do not cease. I am far greater.   I am the soft wind below the wings. I am the throne of mighty kings. I am the stars that shine at night. I am the orbit on which planets’ flight. When you feel the drop of rain, I am the […]

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Live with wonder Die with answers Work with will Will with might Travel with knowledge Reside with a view Speak with wisdom Sit with wise Leave with respect  Stay with love Remember with honor  Spend with care Act with potential Walk with grace Sleep with dreams Forgive with empathy  Feel with passion Give with humility […]

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Strolling the Heavens

I trace the bark of every tree, And feel the life in every leaf. I eat foods of abundant flavor, And taste fruits of wondrous savor.   My sight is sharper than a hawk, I see the distance of time’s walk. I hear every step of nature, Listen to every beat of creatures. I swim […]

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Beyond the Universe (Part 2)

“It is He who created for you all of that which is on the earth. Then He directed Himself to the heaven, and made them seven heavens, and He is Knowing of all things.” (2:29)1 “[And] who created seven heavens in layers. You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return […]

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The Milky Way  

“We shall show them Our signs in the universe and within themselves, until it becomes clear to them that this is the Truth.” (Quran 41:53)1 PART 1 The Quran is full of countless quotes on God’s signs. God points to the day and night, the sky and earth, the trees and all creatures for humans to […]

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The Hour

     Blink. Open Close Open Close The light blinding The heat consuming The sweat steaming The tears rolling, BooM BooM It hit – where am I? The thousand wings 1 Miss me by an inch Fifty thousand years of wait,2 BooM BooM It hit –where is my shade? Not pulled not dragged just walk No […]

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Smile :)

Smile it’s contagious Smile as the morning light Smile as the blowing palm trees Smile as the constellations Smile as the beauty of nature Smile as the best of friends Smile as the birth of life Smile as the heart of a mother Smile as the heavens are yours Smile it’s contagious Smile at an […]

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Growing Up With God

The 99 names of God-Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi “Can you teach me?” “About What?” “About religion?” “You should ask your mom to tell you about Christianity. I won’t do it justice.” “Okay but then can you teach me about Islam. I just want to know God.” Maybe it was her interest in God or the […]

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The Death of Two

We see death everyday, but experience it very little. On TV, paper and media, death is just an everyday phenomenon. But up close, death is brutal. Up close the scenes on TV become reality and we begin to contemplate the truth of life. As I read The Death of Ivan Ilych, it was difficult to go through the […]

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The Science of UnWanted Feelings

                          (The contents of this post may be controversial.) SCIENCE is a branch of study dealing with facts of the physical and material world; FEELINGS are a consciousness/ vague awareness, as in thoughts and sentiments. These two words in the title are deliberately categorized under two types of sciences: the natural and social, respectively. The Science […]

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The Girl in Me

I could be that girl. Watching as my house burns down, People shouting and running around, My mother sweeps me off the ground. And whispers, “It’s time to go.” I could be that girl. Sitting in a poor school building, Learning from torn textbooks, Eating from my small tiffin, Waiting for another sun to set.  […]

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Tick Tock

Tick Tock Fear and regretting words, Tears roll down my cheek. There she lay soundless sleep, Memories, I recall her SPEAK;   Tales of knight and shining armor, A kingdom far beyond reach, The princesses and fairies I wished to be, A beautiful world of FANTASY.   TicK tocK Let the clock reverse, Bring her back […]

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What is Time?

We know time because we see change. We see children growing, the seasons passing, the moon phasing. If we didn’t see change we would not know time. Man would not age, the sun would not set, and everything would be forever.1 But time as we know it is not stagnant.  It is God who exists […]

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The Meadow

I can taste her sweetness; The calm winds passing a breeze, The bits of sunlight through looping trees, The scent of flowers recalling memories.   I can hear her serenity; The running of a distant waterfall, The soft chirping of hidden birds, The crick and buzz of every insect.   I can feel her embrace; The beady […]

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Great Minds

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt I am not well-versed in the arts of philosophy or spirituality, but I will quote what I know. Most of this is a product of spilling my mind on paper—electronic paper—with what has been overwhelming my mind. Ruminations. Reflections. Ideas. Opinions. […]

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