Strolling the Heavens

I trace the bark of every tree, And feel the life in every leaf. I eat foods of abundant flavor, And taste fruits of wondrous savor.   My sight is sharper than a hawk, I see the distance of time’s walk. I hear every step of nature, Listen to every beat of creatures. I swim […]

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Smile :)

Smile it’s contagious Smile as the morning light Smile as the blowing palm trees Smile as the constellations Smile as the beauty of nature Smile as the best of friends Smile as the birth of life Smile as the heart of a mother Smile as the heavens are yours Smile it’s contagious Smile at an […]

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Great Minds

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt I am not well-versed in the arts of philosophy or spirituality, but I will quote what I know. Most of this is a product of spilling my mind on paper—electronic paper—with what has been overwhelming my mind. Ruminations. Reflections. Ideas. Opinions. […]

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